Lifeline Translation  Japanese New Testament

We are happy to announce the printing of a new, faithful translation of the Japanese New Testament, called the “Lifeline Translation”, beginning with a John & Romans. Bearing Precious Seed Ministries in Milford, OH has graciously made this first printing, and it has now arrived in  Japan for distribution.

This translation has been based on the same Greek texts used in the New Testament of the King James Bible, and for those who have been frustrated with the deletions, omissions, and weaker translation of the current Japanese translations, this will be a blessing to have. Many years of labor have gone into its research, and it is being provided at only the cost of shipping.

  • Textus Receptus - based
  • Helpful footnotes
  • Phonetic spelling of Kanji
  • Attractive cover 

(Click on the picture to see a PDF copy of the John & Romans.)

Work continues on the completion of the entire New Testament, and will be announced when it becomes available. If you have any questions regarding this translation or how to obtain it, please contact us at: